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Professional Blog

Java 9 Process API

Java 9 will come with interesting features. Here is a quick review of the new Java 9 Process API.

Android 3D Model Viewer Open Source

So finally I decided to publish my 3D model Viewer android app on the Google Play Market :) This app is about drawing 3D objects in android using OpenGL ES 2.0; and its Open Source as my other projects, so people can either contribute, start a similar project based on that or just learn how to do it by looking at the source code.

Work Experience

More than 15 years of experience working on the full stack software, allowed me to establish myself as expert on the subject.

My experience includes building an SMS platform for TV, evolving the architecture for clients like "La Caixa", "Assicurazioni Generali", "". I have also worked for french clients like "GIP-MDS" and "LaPoste". Currently I'm working to cloudify one of the biggest insurance company in the world.

I think my best skill is that of being capable of seeing everything in it's more abstract form; that's why I like to design everything as APIs & frameworks.

In my linked in profile you can find personal recommendations as well:

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I am absolutely convinced that helping other people and sharing knowledge is the fastest way to grow as a community.

I also believe that "reinventing the wheel" is a waste of energy, so I share all my personal work that I found useful to the outside world.

These are some of the networks where I contribute:

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Open Source Projects

Again... I am absolutely convinced that sharing the work that is already done, is the fastest way to evolve.

In my humble opinion, I think that the copyright should only mean the "reconnaissance of the artist" and not serve as basis for the capitalism.

These are some of the projects I'm working most actively:

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I don't think official certifications certifies actually that a person has knowledge about a certain matter, but I consider it as a good starting point for other people to start trusting you; at least because it means there is a lot of work behind it.

These are my current certifications:

springsource logo Spring 3.0 Professional java logoOracle Java 6 Programmer java logoOracle Jee 6 Architect